How a trip to the zoo makes you long for the Kingdom

17 10 2006

gorilla_big.jpgOn Monday we as a family enjoyed a day at the Omaha zoo with some friends. The zoo is a popularly requested destination by our two year old Lexi, who always wants to see the monkeys and gorillas doing something amusing.

Yesterday was no different. As my kids stood only inches from a 300 lb. gorilla, separated by only by a layer of fortified glass, the gorilla found it humorous to massage the inner nostrils with their fingers and to repeatedly moon the kids. They, of course, thought this was hysterical.

We were also treated to a gorilla ultimate fighting challenge. As one gorilla came running up to smash the window right in front of us, another ran after him to do the same thing. The first gorilla was not happy with this apparent gorilla insult and immediately all the other gorillas ganged up on the second guy and we were treated with a little gorilla smack-down. It was pretty amazing to watch, the big fellas can flat out move. Well this unsuspected glass pounding continued for some time. As you looked one direction a huge silverback would rush the window and thunderously pound it while running off.

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