How a trip to the zoo makes you long for the Kingdom

17 10 2006

gorilla_big.jpgOn Monday we as a family enjoyed a day at the Omaha zoo with some friends. The zoo is a popularly requested destination by our two year old Lexi, who always wants to see the monkeys and gorillas doing something amusing.

Yesterday was no different. As my kids stood only inches from a 300 lb. gorilla, separated by only by a layer of fortified glass, the gorilla found it humorous to massage the inner nostrils with their fingers and to repeatedly moon the kids. They, of course, thought this was hysterical.

We were also treated to a gorilla ultimate fighting challenge. As one gorilla came running up to smash the window right in front of us, another ran after him to do the same thing. The first gorilla was not happy with this apparent gorilla insult and immediately all the other gorillas ganged up on the second guy and we were treated with a little gorilla smack-down. It was pretty amazing to watch, the big fellas can flat out move. Well this unsuspected glass pounding continued for some time. As you looked one direction a huge silverback would rush the window and thunderously pound it while running off.

Later that evening while eating dinner it was good to ask the kids why we could not go in with the gorillas. Eventually they agreed that it was dangerous (after some obscure theories and detours by our seven year old).

But why? Why is it dangerous? Did God make them angry at us? Of course not. It was us. In our sin we have smudged everything on this earth, even the animals. They do not trust us because they know our hearts and they are aggressive because our sin has plunged all of creation into this futile curse.

It was great to talk with them about the kingdom. That great day when the Lord Jesus Christ will reign on the throne of David, ultimately fulfilling all the blessings promised to Israel, and ruling with all power and glory. There is a day coming when, as Isaiah promised, the wolf will dwell with the lamb (11.6), and the nursing child will play near the cobra and the weaned child will not be in danger near the viper’s den (11.8).

It was good to be reminded, even during a day of leisure that this world’s glory is drastically diminished by my own sin and the coming kingdom of Jesus is going to be radically different and altogether glorious. Our sin wrought curse is causing even creation to groan with anticipation for that day (Rom. 8.22-23) of redemption.

So to I long for that day even marveling as I wonder of the changes that will occur through the power of Jesus Christ that will allow a toddler like Lexi to fearlessly walk up to gorillas. O’ for that day to hasten here that Jesus may get the glory that his Father means to get for him!




One response

17 10 2006


What an insight into the curse from a day at the zoo. Very nice posting. I too long for the time when the ion and the lamb can lie down together and the child can play wih the cobra. The day when our Lord and Savior will recognized by all of the nations as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Hey brother, have you ever read Steve Camp’s blog? It is awesome. He has been discussing some of the very things we have been discussing amongst ourselves lately. When you have time go to:

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