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13 11 2006

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Thanks to all of you who faithfully read, your encouragement is greatly appreciated. This new site should give the flexibility to improve things. So give me some time to unpack the boxes and then we’ll have the same message from a different zip code.

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Weekend Roundup

16 09 2006


Well Rick Warren holds true to form, drawing a substantial crowd to We even had some skeptics and atheists as well as a new age Hindu. You’rs truly was even glossed as a “a flaming grade ‘A’ honking nutjob”. This sounded like a quote from the guy on LOST who was also Mary or something in the Lord of the Rings (I’m bad with names).

Tricky Ricky, man, he can draw them in, nearly 50 comments a new record for the site, (smashing the old Catholic debate post)…maybe they would have stayed if we told them how good they were and how the cross was God’s tangible way of demonstrating their worth…

We also got to meet a few guys (Mike Ratliff, Lazrow, Travis, & Justin) who were willing to step up and defend the faith. Their resolve was encouraging to me and you as well, I trust. If you haven’t read through the comments, I’d encourage you to grab a nice tall coffee (hold worldly wisdom message) and plow threw them, it is encouraging from an evangelistic perspective.

Much of the traffic was no doubt due to the Slice of Laodicea article. Others who wrote on this were Solus Christus, Tim Brown, the Home Church USA, Emergent What? , and Life of Worship (from Singapore).

Also I am excited to note that Matt Fudge has started blogging. This guy always has something to edifying to say, he has even posted here a couple of times (the Billy Graham cracker). The blog primarily is focused towards his youth ministry, but its content is worth your while.

Btw, Omaha Bible Church is turning out some helpful blogs. In addition to Matt’s and this site, make sure you check out Tony Reinke and Justin Potts. ended up on a site in Ireland. Irish-Reformation is a site that aims at “pursuing the reformation of the Irish church. Moladh go deo leis!” Well there you go. My cover may be blown though, as one commenter noted: “he’s not even Irish – he was born in Massachusetts?!!!!” True indeed, born in got me. In MA we kinda keep track of such things as nationalities and even divide towns up by these things. I may have honorary citizenship through my patronage of Arthur Guinness over the years (joking).

I’m thankful for the help of some techie friends who helped redesign a couple of ministry sites (Omaha Bible Church and Crossroads) for us.

I would also like suggest that any who feel compelled join me in a moritorium on dropping Mark Driscoll references. Let’s go ahead and carry it till the end of September. It seems like here recently my blog reader is filled with more references to “Mark the cussing pastor” than to Jesus. I enjoy reading what the guy writes, but, easy; personality cults are never a good thing (1 Cor. 3).

Finally, if you have not been following the posts over at Pulpit Live! I would encourage you to do so. They are tackling the evolution issue in a very helpful manner. Similiar to what you may have read in MacArthur’s Battle for the Beginning. Good stuff that is worthy of your bookmark.

All-right I am out, but before I go, I’m calling my shot. Nebraska over USC tonight by 3!! (turnovers that is 8^D). We are coming back, but not that far back (yet!).