Refreshed and Recharged…back from vacation.

7 08 2006


Ahhh, it is good to be back from vacation. We had an extremely refreshing and rewarding time in the South visiting some of our extended family. I have included a few thoughts here…

*This vacation was great because it was refreshing. Being involved in full time ministry now for the second full year, my family just tends to get after it. All of them from my loving and helping wife to our young girls all sacrifice and step up to do ministry, so this was a good trip to put in the context of a break, a time of refreshment as they even consider the privilege and magnitude of ministry in Jesus’ church.


*I had so much fun just watching the kids, particularly our girls (4 & 2) play. They are just so funny and filled with joy and energy. We spent days at a state park in Sardis Mississippi, swimming and playing in the hot Southern sun.


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Heading out for vacation!

29 07 2006


My family and I are headed out for a bit of a summer road trip. We are going to be driving down to Memphis and the Northern Mississippi area to visit family. It is always interesting when a Yankee heads down to the South, it is like a different world for me but I really appreciate the culture, and oh, it is a culture!! I emptied out my sermon illustration bag with intention on filling it while I’m there!

memphis-miss.gifLooking forward to some great time with my wife, some extended time with the kids, opportunities with my wife’s family to encourage and evangelize, should be a great time.

Posts will be limited in the meantime…talk to you when I get back!!


2 Thess. 2.16-17