some thoughts on Derek Webb & war

30 10 2006


Last night I, along with my wife and some friends, went to see Derek Webb in concert here in Omaha. I have enjoyed Derek’s music for awhile now and was particularly impressed with his sound live. The guy is a great musician and an impressive songwriter.

The majority of the cuts he played were from his new CD Mockingbird, which is available for download / sharing for free at

I know that he has taken some heat from folks within evangelicalism over the things he says, however I enjoy the record, his points and particularly his pithy commentary on the evangelical church.

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Free Derek Webb Music…

21 08 2006

Free Derek Webb

Derek Webb has decided to make his latest release Mockingbird available to the public for free starting September 1st. Webb is offering free music downloads and encouraging song sharing in order to encourage the “conversation” contained in his album. You may preregister now by going here.

I have really enjoyed Derek’s music. He is intentionally stepping on some toes on this album. While I don’t with all of his conclusions I love the cd. It is very cool that he is doing this. enjoy!!