Baptism Book Giveaway

31 08 2006

amazon-baptism-image.jpgIf you are a pastor or involved in church ministry, specifically in evangelism and/or baptism, I have a resource that may prove helpful to you.

I have a limited number of a book entitled, The Truth About Water Baptism, to give away.

This book is a great resource for prospective baptism canidates or others who may be coming from a Sacramentalist background and struggling with the concept of New Testament water baptism; we find the book quite useful here in Catholic Omaha.

The Truth About Water Baptism is written by my Senior Pastor, Pat Abendroth, and is free for the asking until the stash is gone.

UPDATE: ok the stash is now gone! Thanks to all who expressed interest and were encoruaged by the book.

If you would like a copy please email me ejraymond AT gmail DOT COM or just leave a comment here. The price of the book is only $3.99. We, along with other churches, have found the book to be a good tool for those preparing for baptism or for those coming from a Sacramentalist background. ::ENJOY::