Welcome to IrishCalvinist.com! This site is committed to growing more impressed with Jesus and encouraging others to be passionately committed to his fame.
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My name is Erik Raymond and I am the worst sinner I know. The more and more I live the more and more I become convinced that I need a Savior. In growing more disgusted with my own sin I find myself growing increasingly more impressed with Jesus.

So by the grace of God I can say that I, who was formerly an Irish Catholic, am now an Irish Calvinist.

I live in Omaha, Nebraska with my wife and our four children. Additionally, I am a pastor at Omaha Bible Church.

Why a blog?

My goal here is to promote and defend the glory of God, in so doing I am trying to coral Christ centered thoughts and organize and articulate them in an edifying manner. A blog serves as an easy and accessible vehicle.

How the site works

I try to update the site each day (I emphasize try). Feel free to just read the contents, as my goal is to promote and defend the glory of God and by immediate result to bring about your edification.

However, the unique and appealing aspect of blogging is the opportunity for not only me to express my opinion but also you to do so, while interacting with both me and other readers. So, feel free to contribute to the site via your comments.

What do I believe?

I believe that Jesus said a lot of things while he walked this earth as a man. I believe the easiest way to take Jesus is at his word. Therefore, I believe he is not to be argued with but submitted to. I believe he is not weak but strong. I believe he is not a way but the exclusive way for forgiveness. I believe that he is coming again this time not as a baby in a manger but as a King who is really angry at those who devalue his Father’s glory and refuse to submit to him. I believe that in the meantime his message must be fervantly and lovingly proclaimed to all people that they might, by his grace, be forgiven of their sins. I believe this brings God pleasure and causes sinners like me to be humbled and God to be exalted. For more information…read the site!

It is my prayer that what you read here would cause you to be more impressed with Jesus.


3 responses

28 09 2006

Erik — I am diggin’ your blog and I hope to get around to reading more of your biblical perspectives. May you continue to grow in grace for the glory of God through Christ Jesus our Lord.


30 09 2006
Bill Corr

Why the name irishcalvinists


3 10 2006

Hi Bill, thanks for stopping by. Well the Calvinist side is simple, I affirm the historic doctrines of grace not merely because Calvin did but because the Bible teaches them. As far as the Irish goes, while I am an American I am ethincally Irish. So there you have it. It is more of a web moniker than anything else. I don’t order my life and identify myself as Irish or Calvinistic the reach of the blog is really astounding. I am just a sinful and simple begger who was shown grace and given life in Jesus.


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