backsliding to IE 7.0?

27 10 2006

OK I am as excited as any of you (or perhaps more than most of you) about the new release of IE 7.0. I had been anticipating it knowing that it was going to incorporate many of the Firefox features and reportedly improve upon them. So yesterday I downloaded IE and installed it and I must say it was pretty slick. However, when I went to my inbox I noticed that my whole organizational system was gone. I use GTDgmail and had overlooked the fact that it is a Firefox plug-in…uggh! As a result I quickly rededicated my life to Firefox and downloaded 2.0. I was not real excited about the new features at first but I’m now warming up to them. If you like 1.5 you’ll be down with 2.0.
So if you want IE 7.0 you can download it here and it is good.

Firefox 2.0 is good and much improved….you can get it here.

If you do not have GTDgmail you can get it here and it is awesome! It is all about the clean desk and inbox man.