Who’s bad?!

27 10 2006

Definitely no disrespect intended to John Piper (or Edwards, Calvin or Luther…) but this is funny, creative and true. Though I think John Piper and Michael Jackson would have different views on depravity and certainly on the meaning of ‘bad’.

So to be clear, the bad here is the Rom. 3.9-18 sinfully depraved, wickedly enslaved, workers and fountains of iniquity who can do nothing on their own accord to merit the favor of a holy and righteous God, but rather wholly and entirely enslaved to sin’s lusts and desires apart from the grace of God in Christ.

hymns for the doctrinally challenged

26 10 2006

This is funny.

I had a similar thought as I heard one of the most man-centered and man-exalting sermons in my life. What did they have the nerve to close the service with?….that’s right, “How Great Thou Art”…it really should have been, “How Great I art”…or whatever you do with ‘art’ when it refers to the first person in 17th Century Old English J

(ht: Gavin Brown)

Some Fruit from Family Devotions

22 08 2006

imag.jpgThis past weekend was my oldest son Bryce’s 11th birthday. He scored an iPod shuffle and was pretty excited.

Of course his younger brother Luke (7) managed to pry it from him during a visit to the local Hollywood Video store. When we were inside picking out the movie Luke gave us all (as in everyone in the place) a memory not soon forgotten.

Bryce’s buddy picked out a movie that he wanted to see. Luke grabbed the movie to check it out for himself.

Now you must remember that he is still enjoying the iPod at this point so his hearing is not the best and as a result his voice is a bit elevated.

So Luke grabs the movie and yells, literally, “That is the immoral woman!!”

“We are not watching this….look at her, she is immoral!!”

Every head in the place instantly turned to look in our direction. Only they did not see the little 42” amplifier but instead his Dad, who’s head conveniently stuck out above the racks.

What can you do?

I just laughed my head off. Luke of course has no idea. His brother and his friends are shushing him but he doesn’t get it…he is just going on about how this teenage girl is dressed inappropriately.

I thought later about the study we did as a family in Proverbs about three years ago. It has made quite the impact on Luke. For this I am quite thankful. We may have to dial him down a bit though.


Clown-led Worship…that makes sense!

18 08 2006




These pictures showed up in my in box yesterday thanks to a couple of twisted friends. Providentially, it became an edifying email.


Because it motivates me to study, practice and teach (like Ezra–7.10). It motivates me to invest time in people that they might be impressed with Jesus and not tolerate clown shoes in a pulpit, fried dough in a communion tray, or a circus in the blood bought church of the Savior.

This type of display only makes sense when God is emasculated; having been stripped of his holiness, justice, knowledge, power, and goodness only to be carved into a caricature of himself complete with a squeaky nose and irritating mannerisms. They are merely reflecting the god they have carved. Their god is a joke so they can worship him in clown clothes. This is sad.

If God has impotent and lacks authority then why worship him, why fear him, why submit to him? Why not mock him? This only makes sense.

So friends in Jesus, know that if not for the grace of God so affecting your own heart, you would be going to this church-circus…or worse, you could be leading it!


A Preacher’s Worst Nightmare Comes True

26 07 2006

If you have ever prepared to preach you know exactly what I’m about to write.

This past Sunday evening I arrived at the church at an admittedly late time of 530 for our 600 evening service. I still had to print my notes on the color printer (I usually bring about 30 ½ sheets of fully manuscripted work to the pulpit so highlighting and variant fonts are pivotal).

So when I got to the church I noticed that the whole administrative area complete with printers is disconnected as our computer guy was doing some work and installing some new hardware/software.

This did not leave me much time. I quickly evaluated the risk of driving home and printing off my notes vs. the risk of preaching without notes. In evaluating the two, the prospect of getting in an accident or getting a flat tire seemed less likely and far less damaging then me trying preach without notes.

So after advising our drummer of my intentions with the comforting and vague instructions, “Dude, tell the guys to just improvise..” (I later found out that they were going to keep singing “Just as I am” until I walked the aisle…)

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Kids are Funny

21 07 2006

Last night my 7 year old son Luke informed me that he ‘traded’ 2 single dollars with his friend for a 2 dollar bill.

Luke was impressed with the different artwork and stuff and then asked me who’s face is on the bill. To which I said, “I don’t know.”

Without flinching and with all sincerity Luke said, “Dad, its George Lucas.”

The funny thing is that if it were up to him the guy who invented lite sabers would get a lot more love than he does. Hollywood has invaded my 7 year old…maybe we should homeschool…oh, wait we already do.