Kris Lundgaard on his trip to Omaha

26 10 2006

Kris had some kind & encouraging words (see also here) relative to his trip to Omaha for the church conference. Since those referenced are regular readers/commentors on this site I figured I’d pass it on…

“Last weekend I spoke at a conference at the Omaha Bible Church on the topic of our struggle against sin. They even interviewed me for a radio program, and you can listen to it here. I didn’t know what to expect when I went, but by the time it ended I was wishing I didn’t have to leave. It’s hard to remember a time that I’ve been treated so graciously. They were enthusiastic students of God’s word, and they opened their hearts to me.

I have to mention in particular a group of men who took me to lunch on Sunday before I left. Mike, Michael, John, Matt, and Patrick put on a clinic in encouragement. Almost as soon as we set down they began to tell me in detail what they appreciated about the conference and what God was teaching them. These men must be related to Barnabas, because they were all sons of encouragement (Acts 4:36).”

Way to go fellas. I suppose you are related to Barnabas through a common Savior and indwelt with the same Holy Spirit.

Keep encouraging Kris and his family through your prayers as they prepare to head overseas to be missionaries. Soli Deo Gloria!

The Enemy Within Conference Audio

17 10 2006


The audio for this weekend’s conference at Omaha Bible Church is now available. Kris served us well in explaining mortification (how to biblically put sin to death) and exhorting us unto its regular practice. The audio is well worth your time.

Props to Tony Reinke for taking the pics (see here for more)