Show me your veins not your legwarmers!!

10 10 2006

This past Sunday evening our Pastor was exhorting us unto gospel faithfulness from the book of 2 Timothy. Amidst a very encouraging and convicting message there were some awesome quotes. These were a couple of my favorites (pretty close to a quote anyway)…in the context of kindling a holy boldness to gospel fidelity:

..We need pastors that are more like Arnold Schwarzenegger and less like Richard Simmons!..

rsimmons.jpg vs. arnie_1.jpg

and another:

..Why is it that there are so many male pastors who act like women and female pastors (who should not be pastors) who act like men?! It is a shame that some female pastors are more manly than some male pastors…

You may listen to or download the sermon from our website.

The message was more than a couple quotes, but rather a very encouraging look at the value of the gospel and our subsequent responsibility to remain faithful to its proclamation.


act like a man

17 08 2006

I was again reminded of the pervasiveness of the fall of man. During a party at a lake last week my wife and I suddenly heard violent barking and desperate screaming. There were two dogs, one a large Great Dane (as if there are anything but Venti versions of Great Danes)…and the other some type of hunting dog, I’m not sure which kind.

The dogs squared off to fight despite their respective master’s frantic pleading. It did not look good. Within about 20 seconds the women were able to pull their dogs apart, each of them in turn barking back at their dogs for their violence.

Then you know what happened? A minute or two later, the man of the family sluggishly pried himself from the front seat and came back around with the urgency of a walk to a dental chair. The guy was a bit late.

Now all I have to go by is the guy’s actions, but let’s just say he was dressed for the occasion; complete with his pink undersized swimming trunks. He slowly made his way to the back and used the remote to open the trunk (while he was about 8” from it).

Why am I picking on this guy? I’m not really. I don’t know him and probably would not even recognize him. But what I am doing is pointing out the pattern of behavior that is systemic of men not acting like men and instead acting passive and effeminate, while leaving women to separate the dogs.

God has called the men to lead and to protect women, not to walk around passively while his wife separates the beast.

Since most of you who read this blog are dudes, here is my exhortation to be dudely which does not automatically mean you are godly, but if your wife is your leader than you are ungodly. You don’t have to ask God if you can lead your family, you already do. The  only question is how well.

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