Is Mr Rogers the NT model for preachers?

31 10 2006

mr-rogers.jpgOn Sunday night my favorite Senior Pastor exhorted the flock here at Omaha Bible Church to be demanding of their pastors. In our study of 2 Timothy we are learning about specific non-negotiables for the pastoral ministry.

In chapter 2 pastors are commanded to ‘be strong in the grace of the Lord Jesus’. Pat took this opportunity to question what strong does and does not look like. In typical form Pat (who previously exhorted preachers to look less like Richard Simmons and more like Arnold Schwarzenegger) contended that preachers should be noted for strength and conviction rather than a pasted smile, polyester zip up sweater, theological puppet shows (drama), while always being concerned with being everyone’s friend and calling everyone and everything ‘special’. Well this quote aside Sunday night was an encouraging sermon within a great study on an awesome book, so therefore, consider it recommended.

Another killer quote: “Daintiness would slur a sermon just as a pink ribbon would make a cannon appear rediculus”

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note: before anyone gets loose with the ‘but Mr. Rogers was a decorated war hero with 200 confirmed kills in Korea’ comments, please read this. Fred was not a war hero, he was a nice guy who wore sweaters and did puppet shows. But I did read somewhere that Rick Warren was a Navy Seal…(joking!)

Kris Lundgaard on his trip to Omaha

26 10 2006

Kris had some kind & encouraging words (see also here) relative to his trip to Omaha for the church conference. Since those referenced are regular readers/commentors on this site I figured I’d pass it on…

“Last weekend I spoke at a conference at the Omaha Bible Church on the topic of our struggle against sin. They even interviewed me for a radio program, and you can listen to it here. I didn’t know what to expect when I went, but by the time it ended I was wishing I didn’t have to leave. It’s hard to remember a time that I’ve been treated so graciously. They were enthusiastic students of God’s word, and they opened their hearts to me.

I have to mention in particular a group of men who took me to lunch on Sunday before I left. Mike, Michael, John, Matt, and Patrick put on a clinic in encouragement. Almost as soon as we set down they began to tell me in detail what they appreciated about the conference and what God was teaching them. These men must be related to Barnabas, because they were all sons of encouragement (Acts 4:36).”

Way to go fellas. I suppose you are related to Barnabas through a common Savior and indwelt with the same Holy Spirit.

Keep encouraging Kris and his family through your prayers as they prepare to head overseas to be missionaries. Soli Deo Gloria!

The Enemy Within Conference Audio

17 10 2006


The audio for this weekend’s conference at Omaha Bible Church is now available. Kris served us well in explaining mortification (how to biblically put sin to death) and exhorting us unto its regular practice. The audio is well worth your time.

Props to Tony Reinke for taking the pics (see here for more)

some notes and folks

13 10 2006


I am particularly excited headed into this weekend as we are having our annual church conference, The Enemy Within, featuring author Kris Lundgaard. Kris is going to deal with the believer’s fight against sin through the power of Christ. It should be an awesome time of exhortation towards the holiness of Jesus. If you attend the conference you’ll receive a copy of Kris’ book The Enemy Within, but be sure to check out his other book Through the Looking Glass. If you are in or around Omaha this weekend come and join us starting at 8 tomorrow morning. The audio should be up early next week.

The Terrell Owens issue got a lot of attention a couple of weeks ago. In my article that posted on the day of T.O.’s hospitalization I attempted to think biblically about the very public life of Owens. Whether or not he attempted suicide is not the bottom line issue. The guy’s heart is crying out for worship and his actions are seeking to accommodate this insatiable desire. The point of the article was to take a very prominent news story of that day and to think biblically about it not to report news; all of the major networks were doing that and reporting that it was a suicide attempt. All that to say I believe the diagnosis of the patterns in T.O.’s life are biblically diagnosed in the article.

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Show me your veins not your legwarmers!!

10 10 2006

This past Sunday evening our Pastor was exhorting us unto gospel faithfulness from the book of 2 Timothy. Amidst a very encouraging and convicting message there were some awesome quotes. These were a couple of my favorites (pretty close to a quote anyway)…in the context of kindling a holy boldness to gospel fidelity:

..We need pastors that are more like Arnold Schwarzenegger and less like Richard Simmons!..

rsimmons.jpg vs. arnie_1.jpg

and another:

..Why is it that there are so many male pastors who act like women and female pastors (who should not be pastors) who act like men?! It is a shame that some female pastors are more manly than some male pastors…

You may listen to or download the sermon from our website.

The message was more than a couple quotes, but rather a very encouraging look at the value of the gospel and our subsequent responsibility to remain faithful to its proclamation.



28 09 2006


Omaha Bible Church is pleased to announce our upcoming church conference schedule…

don-whitney.jpgDon Whitney will be the featured speaker at our 2007 church conference. Don is a professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. You can learn more about Don and his ministry on his website


Additionally, D.A. Carson will be our featured speaker in 2008. Dr. Carson is a professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL.

God has been kind to us here in Omaha allowing us to be impacted by such gifted and faithful men in recent years. We have enjoyed Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. James White, Dr. Steve Lawson, and this year we have Kris Lundgaard coming. It is exciting to benefit from God’s manifold grace!

2006 Omaha Bible Church Conference

26 09 2006

Omaha Bible Church’s annual conference is on October 14. Author Kris Lungaard will be the featured speaker. Kris is the author of the helpful book entitled The Enemy Within. This book is a contemporary update of John Owen’s landmark works Indwelling Sin in the Believer and The Mortification of Sin.

If you read this blog you are invited! For more information and registration click here.