Is Mr Rogers the NT model for preachers?

31 10 2006

mr-rogers.jpgOn Sunday night my favorite Senior Pastor exhorted the flock here at Omaha Bible Church to be demanding of their pastors. In our study of 2 Timothy we are learning about specific non-negotiables for the pastoral ministry.

In chapter 2 pastors are commanded to ‘be strong in the grace of the Lord Jesus’. Pat took this opportunity to question what strong does and does not look like. In typical form Pat (who previously exhorted preachers to look less like Richard Simmons and more like Arnold Schwarzenegger) contended that preachers should be noted for strength and conviction rather than a pasted smile, polyester zip up sweater, theological puppet shows (drama), while always being concerned with being everyone’s friend and calling everyone and everything ‘special’. Well this quote aside Sunday night was an encouraging sermon within a great study on an awesome book, so therefore, consider it recommended.

Another killer quote: “Daintiness would slur a sermon just as a pink ribbon would make a cannon appear rediculus”

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note: before anyone gets loose with the ‘but Mr. Rogers was a decorated war hero with 200 confirmed kills in Korea’ comments, please read this. Fred was not a war hero, he was a nice guy who wore sweaters and did puppet shows. But I did read somewhere that Rick Warren was a Navy Seal…(joking!)

Voice @ Bethlehem Baptist Church

31 10 2006

This past weekend Voice (Curtis Allen) did a concert at Bethlehem Baptist Church, where John Piper is the Senior Pastor. As someone who has enjoyed hip-hop music before coming to Christ and has been increasingly disgusted by much of the lyrical content of the genre, I am particularly encouraged by the sanctifying work of God via Curtis. But even if you do not enjoy rap music (presuming you are a follower of Christ) you can enjoy the theological content of the song.
To learn more about Voice see this interview with Justin Taylor.
Voice is affiliated with Sovereign Grace Ministries.

Below is a video below from Piper’s church; if you look close you can see Piper boppin’ his head J

some thoughts on Derek Webb & war

30 10 2006


Last night I, along with my wife and some friends, went to see Derek Webb in concert here in Omaha. I have enjoyed Derek’s music for awhile now and was particularly impressed with his sound live. The guy is a great musician and an impressive songwriter.

The majority of the cuts he played were from his new CD Mockingbird, which is available for download / sharing for free at

I know that he has taken some heat from folks within evangelicalism over the things he says, however I enjoy the record, his points and particularly his pithy commentary on the evangelical church.

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Gay Police bashing Christians?

27 10 2006

This story caught my attention today. Apparently there is a Gay Police Association (GPA) and they have been less than positive about Christianity in a recent advertising campaign.

…3 curious questions:

1) why are they advertising?

2) why do we need to have a gay police association?

3) can you please wear a rainbow on your badge to distinguish yourselves from the straight cops?

In the ad a Bible was purposely placed next to a pool of blood. The purpose for the advertising campaign, which appeared in the national press, was to enlighten citizens about the drastic increase in the “religiously motivated attacks against gay people” the numbers are up “74 percent in the last year”.

The watchdog group, Advertising Standards Agency has ruled that the ad was offensive to Christians who were implicated as the source of the homophobic attacks.

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Who’s bad?!

27 10 2006

Definitely no disrespect intended to John Piper (or Edwards, Calvin or Luther…) but this is funny, creative and true. Though I think John Piper and Michael Jackson would have different views on depravity and certainly on the meaning of ‘bad’.

So to be clear, the bad here is the Rom. 3.9-18 sinfully depraved, wickedly enslaved, workers and fountains of iniquity who can do nothing on their own accord to merit the favor of a holy and righteous God, but rather wholly and entirely enslaved to sin’s lusts and desires apart from the grace of God in Christ.

backsliding to IE 7.0?

27 10 2006

OK I am as excited as any of you (or perhaps more than most of you) about the new release of IE 7.0. I had been anticipating it knowing that it was going to incorporate many of the Firefox features and reportedly improve upon them. So yesterday I downloaded IE and installed it and I must say it was pretty slick. However, when I went to my inbox I noticed that my whole organizational system was gone. I use GTDgmail and had overlooked the fact that it is a Firefox plug-in…uggh! As a result I quickly rededicated my life to Firefox and downloaded 2.0. I was not real excited about the new features at first but I’m now warming up to them. If you like 1.5 you’ll be down with 2.0.
So if you want IE 7.0 you can download it here and it is good.

Firefox 2.0 is good and much improved….you can get it here.

If you do not have GTDgmail you can get it here and it is awesome! It is all about the clean desk and inbox man.

Kris Lundgaard on his trip to Omaha

26 10 2006

Kris had some kind & encouraging words (see also here) relative to his trip to Omaha for the church conference. Since those referenced are regular readers/commentors on this site I figured I’d pass it on…

“Last weekend I spoke at a conference at the Omaha Bible Church on the topic of our struggle against sin. They even interviewed me for a radio program, and you can listen to it here. I didn’t know what to expect when I went, but by the time it ended I was wishing I didn’t have to leave. It’s hard to remember a time that I’ve been treated so graciously. They were enthusiastic students of God’s word, and they opened their hearts to me.

I have to mention in particular a group of men who took me to lunch on Sunday before I left. Mike, Michael, John, Matt, and Patrick put on a clinic in encouragement. Almost as soon as we set down they began to tell me in detail what they appreciated about the conference and what God was teaching them. These men must be related to Barnabas, because they were all sons of encouragement (Acts 4:36).”

Way to go fellas. I suppose you are related to Barnabas through a common Savior and indwelt with the same Holy Spirit.

Keep encouraging Kris and his family through your prayers as they prepare to head overseas to be missionaries. Soli Deo Gloria!