How the Elections should increase your passion for Jesus

7 11 2006

One of the great pictures that God draws for his children by way of stark contrast is that of the kings in the Old Testament. Whether we are talking about a ‘good’ king like Josiah or a ‘bad’ king like Ahaz we know that at the end of the day all kings fall short of God’s ultimate standard for ruling.

So too likewise for us today on a National Election day, with the news agency spinning, the poll numbers cranking, and the candidates sweating, we know that all of the candidates for whatever office, all fall miserably short of God’s design. This is not to say that candidates and elected officials are worthless, for I understand Romans 13 that the government and the respective officials are servants of God and being used in his providence to even accomplish his will. For us today with the election blitz we are reminded of the intended and optimal form of government: Theocratic Monarchy.

The government of God is far better than that of man for obvious reasons. But it is good for us who are Christians and live in this state of dual citizenship (Phil. 3.19) to see and appreciate the providential contrast and respond with a heavenly fueled longing for the coming King, Jesus Christ.

Imagine his rule of perfect righteousness, in perfect integrity, with perfect care, and perfect love. His exclusive allegiance to the divine agenda forbids that he compromise on anything that is less than what has been stamped as heavenly good. There will be no more treaties because there will be no more wars. There will be no more attack ads because there will be no more candidates or challengers. There will be no more voting because there will be no elections, for God’s King will reign and he will gloriously promote the agenda and administration of heaven.

So we as Christians should not get our lawn chairs and sit in our front yards waiting for the rapture, no we have work to do. We need to get busy proclaiming the message of the King, including all of the promises of his administration. We do need to be busy submitting to our current government, recognizing God’s sovereignty over it. We also need to be praying for its leadership while anticipating the coming kingdom of Jesus Christ.

So take the opportunity today to receive the providential contrast between today’s candidates and heaven’s king, even using this as fuel for increased praise and anticipation for the coming kingdom of God in Christ, where he will be the only one and his glory will be on full display.



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7 11 2006
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[…] Second, I hope you’re answer had some inclusion of your relationship with God.  To that end, I like Erik Raymond’s thoughts on elections.  That guy always has a way to make everything point to Jesus Christ … I pray God will give me that kind of passion for my Saviour.  […]

8 11 2006

Very encouraging

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