Voice @ Bethlehem Baptist Church

31 10 2006

This past weekend Voice (Curtis Allen) did a concert at Bethlehem Baptist Church, where John Piper is the Senior Pastor. As someone who has enjoyed hip-hop music before coming to Christ and has been increasingly disgusted by much of the lyrical content of the genre, I am particularly encouraged by the sanctifying work of God via Curtis. But even if you do not enjoy rap music (presuming you are a follower of Christ) you can enjoy the theological content of the song.
To learn more about Voice see this interview with Justin Taylor.
Voice is affiliated with Sovereign Grace Ministries.

Below is a video below from Piper’s church; if you look close you can see Piper boppin’ his head J

Who’s bad?!

27 10 2006

Definitely no disrespect intended to John Piper (or Edwards, Calvin or Luther…) but this is funny, creative and true. Though I think John Piper and Michael Jackson would have different views on depravity and certainly on the meaning of ‘bad’.

So to be clear, the bad here is the Rom. 3.9-18 sinfully depraved, wickedly enslaved, workers and fountains of iniquity who can do nothing on their own accord to merit the favor of a holy and righteous God, but rather wholly and entirely enslaved to sin’s lusts and desires apart from the grace of God in Christ.

2006 Desiring God Audio Highlights

10 10 2006

The folks over at Desiring God have done us a great service in posting many of the great audio highlights from the confernece. This resource becomes a great ‘quote bank’ for future use. I have reproduced the links below. ::enjoy::

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Email exchange between Driscoll and Piper

4 10 2006

Since many people have asked about Driscoll and even more seem to be blogging about him I just want to point you to an informative exchange between Mark Driscoll and John Piper that was just published today in response to this past weekend and the subsequent ‘lightening-blog’ that has ensued following Driscoll’s appearance at the annual conference.

Click here for the exchange.

I have been too busy here catching up to write much about the conference but let me say that what Driscoll said neither surprised nor offended me, in fact it edified and encouraged me. Next to Carson’s message I found Driscoll’s talk to be most encouraging. Mark Driscoll is not on the enemy’s team. It might be a good idea for people to remember that he is actually “for Jesus” and not against him. Anyway read the exchange and listen to the messages.

Desiring God Audio Available (free)

3 10 2006


I am back from the Desiring God conference in MN and before I am able to post something the audio has been realeased…free.

So go here and check it out…

The conference was a great time of refreshment and encouragement. The highlight for me personally was D.A. Carson’s message on The Love of God. Grab your Bible and headphones and prepare to be encouraged to love Jesus Christ more!! It is awesome. The Driscoll stuff is great also. Anyway, grab the audio and did I mention it is free!


Off to MN for the DG conference

28 09 2006


I am headed up to MN to the 2006 Desiring God conference this weekend. It should be a great trip and a great time with friends. I’m really looking forward to the preaching; Carson, Wells, & Piper all in the same weekend… awesome! I may drop a couple of updates while up there…we’ll see.

So if you are going say hello. I’ll be the 30 year old white guy in jeans with a Bible. 8-D


Great John Piper sermon

16 08 2006

Following John Piper’s return from sabbatical two weeks ago (080606) he preached this message on Luke 18.

Piper passionately takes aim at the increasingly popular trend in evangelicalism to abandon the necessity of the righteousness of Christ. He concludes that if you abandon Christ’s righteousness and truly believe this theology then you are going to hell. I highly recommend that you listen.

This is a passionate and biblical sermon from a guy who loves Jesus and his cross work. It sounds like Piper has been holding his breath for 10 weeks only to exhale during the sermon.

A couple of great sound bytes:

“You must read the gospels backwards”

“Every command of Jesus has blood all over it”

“That ought to scare the hell out of you…literally!”