The ‘reefer sensitive’ movement goes up in smoke

10 10 2006

FoxNews reported yesterday that a ‘pastor’ in Arizona was recently arrested and told that he could no longer operate his ‘church’. The reason? Because they worshiped Marijuana!

Apparently these folks were pretty zealous in their worship. They were pulled over transporting 172lbs of ‘deity’.

Members of the “church” said “using the hallucinogenic tea during worship helps them gain union with God.” Apparently God has now been redefined as a divine pothead?! Gaining unity with God through getting high…ridiculous. Once again we see the cross insulted. All of that agony, brutality and angst was unnecessary for union, for after all, according to Dan and Mary Quaintance and their church, union may be achieved through a joint and some tea.

Is it just me or does this not sound like something a bunch of burnt out pot heads came up with. I can just hear them tossing ideas back and forth as to how they can out smart the authorities and smoke as much dope as they want. And one genius in the corner pipes up with the brilliant idea to make a weed church where marijuana is worshipped.

This is truly a saddening display of Romans 1 taking root in exchanging the truth of God for a lie, and worshipping that which has been created rather than the Creator who is indeed blessed forever Amen.