Was Jesus Ever Afraid?

20 07 2006

In family devotions the other evening I was reading and was struck by the words in Mark 12.12 where the Pharisees “feared the people for they understood that He spoke the parable against them”. Jesus tells a parable that indicts the Pharisees persistent disregard for the glory of God. Christ even connected their resistence to the divine will with all of those in their demonic family tree who have likewise desired the silencing of truth even by execution.

This struck me as I considered that while fear and being afraid are all over the Bible these terms are never used to describe Jesus. Where or when was Jesus ever afraid? We never learn of the Savior expressing his concern over what will happen or will not happen and never anxious or worrying about potential reactions of others.


It is simple: dependence. Christ, himself being God, expressed and demonstrated the model for humanity in his complete confidence, trust and dependence in God, specifically the sovereignty & goodness of God.

Jesus knew and lived like he believed that God is sovereign over everything; there is nothing that surprises or unsettles God. Even in the Garden we see Christ pouring out his heart to the Father, proclaiming his commitment to and confidence in God. He marched with resolve to Calvary without being afraid of men or circumstances. Why? Because he knew that God is sovereign. Consider what he told Pilate: “You would have no authority over Me, unless it had been given you from above…(John 19.11).

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