Diligent Christianity

12 10 2006


I remember being in Basic Training for the Air Force and upon hearing the Training Instructor (TI) bark out the infamous “Attention!” everyone snapped to the position of attention, with their eyes peeled, head forward and just waiting to get busy zealously doing whatever it was the TI was about to command. Upon giving his instructions he would always tell us to work diligently and pay attention to detail.

In our Bibles we find the word ‘diligent’ attached to important commands as well. God is concerned with his children’s spiritual work ethic as well as what is accomplished. The word translated ‘diligent’ is the Greek word spoudazo (another Gk. word that is fun to say). It has the basic meaning of earnest and eager exertion.

God calls his children to be diligent in many areas. I want to highlight three here.

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