Is Mr Rogers the NT model for preachers?

31 10 2006

mr-rogers.jpgOn Sunday night my favorite Senior Pastor exhorted the flock here at Omaha Bible Church to be demanding of their pastors. In our study of 2 Timothy we are learning about specific non-negotiables for the pastoral ministry.

In chapter 2 pastors are commanded to ‘be strong in the grace of the Lord Jesus’. Pat took this opportunity to question what strong does and does not look like. In typical form Pat (who previously exhorted preachers to look less like Richard Simmons and more like Arnold Schwarzenegger) contended that preachers should be noted for strength and conviction rather than a pasted smile, polyester zip up sweater, theological puppet shows (drama), while always being concerned with being everyone’s friend and calling everyone and everything ‘special’. Well this quote aside Sunday night was an encouraging sermon within a great study on an awesome book, so therefore, consider it recommended.

Another killer quote: “Daintiness would slur a sermon just as a pink ribbon would make a cannon appear rediculus”

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note: before anyone gets loose with the ‘but Mr. Rogers was a decorated war hero with 200 confirmed kills in Korea’ comments, please read this. Fred was not a war hero, he was a nice guy who wore sweaters and did puppet shows. But I did read somewhere that Rick Warren was a Navy Seal…(joking!)




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31 10 2006
Travis Carden

Ya know what makes this allusion all the more interesting? Fred Rogers was an ordained minister! Seriously! I know–I was surprised, too. I first learned this several weeks ago when I The Simple Faith of Mr. Rogers: Spiritual Insights from the World’s Most Beloved Neighbor on the shelves at my local bookstore. I guess Tom Brokaw of NBC Nightly News said of the man, “Mister Rogers was an ordained minister, but he never talked about God on his program. He didn’t need to.” I guess that’s because, if you’re nice enough, people will automatically conclude they are wretched sinners at enmity with God and storing up wrath for themselves for the day of judgment, and that Jesus propitiated the Father by paying the penalty for our sins and accomplishing the righteousness He requires, which benefit is communicated by grace through faith to those who repent and believe. Happens all the time. 😉

1 11 2006

I say here, here. I believe that many worldlings think that Jesus is also a Mr. Rogers. A weak, frail, sickly man who, just wants to be everyones friend. Of course as Paul says in Timothy. Such beleifs are the teachings of Satan himslef. I’m glad that this issue is being discussed. Because when Christ comes again. He will not be here to show everyone how wonderful they are and show us merrr, make beleive. He will come in glory and justice will be His companions.

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