Gay Police bashing Christians?

27 10 2006

This story caught my attention today. Apparently there is a Gay Police Association (GPA) and they have been less than positive about Christianity in a recent advertising campaign.

…3 curious questions:

1) why are they advertising?

2) why do we need to have a gay police association?

3) can you please wear a rainbow on your badge to distinguish yourselves from the straight cops?

In the ad a Bible was purposely placed next to a pool of blood. The purpose for the advertising campaign, which appeared in the national press, was to enlighten citizens about the drastic increase in the “religiously motivated attacks against gay people” the numbers are up “74 percent in the last year”.

The watchdog group, Advertising Standards Agency has ruled that the ad was offensive to Christians who were implicated as the source of the homophobic attacks.

There is not a drop of sacred text that calls for Christian citizens to attack and kill people, gay or otherwise. Murder is wrong, it is sin. Further, according to the religious radical Jesus Christ himself, even hatred is murder, and expressedly forbidden (Matt. 5.21-22; cf. also 1 Jn. 3.15).

The GPA is right on one front at least, the attacks were religiously motivated, but not by the Christian God or the Christian Bible, instead the attacks were motivated by the religion of the autonomous self.

This religion first calls for the murder of God and his authority and then the attack, murder, and destruction of others. People attack and murder to express their desire for control, or better yet their desire for sovereignty (Jam 4.1-2). Some people may not like homosexuals, others may not like Christians, or Jews, or Muslims. It is about the lusts and desires of the heart.

Ironically this (the autonomous self) is same religion promoted by homosexuals. Homosexuality like any other sin is a declaration of personal sovereignty and worship at the expense of God’s sovereignty and worship. Sin is the deification of the self. When we sin we charge the throne of God with the intention of assination. This religious coup is designed not to just marginalize God but to murder him and replace his kingdom with our own.

Homosexuality is no different. Instead of honoring God and giving him thanks they mocked him (Rom. 1.21), becoming fools, (v.22) and exchanged the glory of the immortal God (v.23) for the glory of the autonomous self. God in his judgment has given such things over to do exactly what they want, even to ‘enjoy’ such “dishonorable passions”.

For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error (Rom. 1.26-27)

As a Christian I am offended by the ad, but not nearly as much as the eternal God of heaven is offended. The God who has made each and every person in his image (Gen. 1.26-28) and patiently endured the subsequent perversion and smudging of the divine image that has taken place by all of the descendants of Adam. This patience is seen beautifully in the incarnation of his beloved Son, the image of God (Col. 1.15) to come and confront all of us and command all of us to turn from our sin and to submit to him. This includes every single person, whether you are a professing homosexual or a professing Christian, the Lord God will judge all of his creation by that one man, Jesus Christ and his righteousness on that fateful day (Acts 17.29-31).

The Christian message is not one of murder, it is a message of conversion. This conversion is from all forms of self-autonomy to God’s supremacy in all things.

(note: the context of this incident was England not America, as was originally implied)




4 responses

27 10 2006

Good thoughts on this. I hadn’t read about the apology from the GPA… interesting.

Gervase Markham had a good post on this back in July. He focused on the propaganda aspect of the ad, and did it brilliantly IMO. It contains a picture of the ad, in case you haven’t seen it. It’s a terrible, terrible ad.

27 10 2006
The Persecution Times

Gay Police Bashing Christians

The Irish Calvinist has a very good article about the Gay Police Association’s advertising attack on Christians.

27 10 2006

Good thoughts.

30 10 2006

Very well written!! Thanks for taking a stand to speak the truth in love!

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