hymns for the doctrinally challenged

26 10 2006

This is funny.

I had a similar thought as I heard one of the most man-centered and man-exalting sermons in my life. What did they have the nerve to close the service with?….that’s right, “How Great Thou Art”…it really should have been, “How Great I art”…or whatever you do with ‘art’ when it refers to the first person in 17th Century Old English J

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26 10 2006

Reminds me of a lesson I was listening to, taught by R.C. Sproll conerning Human. He says, “Many people say that man is BASICLY good.” Or you could say that they believe that the core of man is good. The problem with that is that makes sin accidental then to human nature – that is the doctrine of humanism. Humanists believe that there are problems, but with more resources – teaching – money – we can reduce our problems in society – like crime or other forms of wickedness. So in essance, “How great thou art.”

26 10 2006

I fear too many of us believe we are “basically good.” This is, I think, what gets us into a comfortable place where we forget to be alert and stand guard and protect our faith….

30 10 2006
Travis Carden

My hope is built on nothing much
But being good and such and such.
I dare not trust in Jesus Christ
For I can’t bear to pay the price.

On my own righteousness I stand,
There’s nothing wrong with sinking sand;
I’m comfortable in sinking sand.

Copyright © 2006 Travis Carden. I think I’ve got what it takes, Erik. 😉

30 10 2006
Travis Carden

By way of antidote, Reformed Praise features updated and modern hymns with free: Mp3 downloads, chord charts, and lead sheets–the good stuff from Isaac Watts, Augustus Toplady, and Charles Wesley. A wonderful resource for private or family worship as well as for congregational praise. Eat it up! 😀

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