Hoekema quote on man’s dependence

18 10 2006

I came accross this quote studying for our weekend retreat and found it edifying and thought provoking:

Man is bound to God as a fish is bound to water. When a fish seeks to be free from the water, it loses both its freedom and its life. When we seek to be ‘free’ from God, we become slaves of sin. (Anthony Hoekema)




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18 10 2006

Kind of like me without coffee. Don’t want to go there! Wait! Does that make me a slave to coffee? Hmm . . . something to think about. There is no life both free of sin and free of Christ.

18 10 2006
Travis Carden

Ooh! That’s a great quote, Erik!

Javaguy, you might appreciate today’s Dilbert comic. 😉

19 10 2006


Love the quote dude. I’ll be praying for the retreat.


I saw that comic yesterday. It reminds me of my wife. She does love the coffee, as do I. But she uses the “bigger” cups and more of them.

19 10 2006


19 10 2006

Thankyou for all the encouragement that you have provided through-out you entire blog. Thank you for the quote.

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