The Enemy Within Conference Audio

17 10 2006


The audio for this weekend’s conference at Omaha Bible Church is now available. Kris served us well in explaining mortification (how to biblically put sin to death) and exhorting us unto its regular practice. The audio is well worth your time.

Props to Tony Reinke for taking the pics (see here for more)



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17 10 2006
gavin brown

From one audio junkie to another…thanks for the link.

18 10 2006


Session 4 seems to be missing from the conference audio. Was it classified under ABS? Anyway, the conference was outstanding (especially part 4).



18 10 2006


Session 4 is out there but not currently in the album page. Should be updated sometime today. In the meantime here is a link that includes the 4th session.

I likewise thought the conference was outstanding. Kris seemed quite encouraged and I know our people were challenged and encouraged as well. He does a great job explaining things that often times get missed.

thanks Tony.

19 10 2006
Lundgaard on Fighting the Enemy Within « Cavman Unleashed

[…] I was just reviewing The Mortification of Sin today for sermon prep.  This is the subject of Kris’ lectures at Omaha Bible Church.  The Irish Calvinist (on staff there) has a link, or you can go directly to their website to download or listen. […]

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