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13 10 2006


I am particularly excited headed into this weekend as we are having our annual church conference, The Enemy Within, featuring author Kris Lundgaard. Kris is going to deal with the believer’s fight against sin through the power of Christ. It should be an awesome time of exhortation towards the holiness of Jesus. If you attend the conference you’ll receive a copy of Kris’ book The Enemy Within, but be sure to check out his other book Through the Looking Glass. If you are in or around Omaha this weekend come and join us starting at 8 tomorrow morning. The audio should be up early next week.

The Terrell Owens issue got a lot of attention a couple of weeks ago. In my article that posted on the day of T.O.’s hospitalization I attempted to think biblically about the very public life of Owens. Whether or not he attempted suicide is not the bottom line issue. The guy’s heart is crying out for worship and his actions are seeking to accommodate this insatiable desire. The point of the article was to take a very prominent news story of that day and to think biblically about it not to report news; all of the major networks were doing that and reporting that it was a suicide attempt. All that to say I believe the diagnosis of the patterns in T.O.’s life are biblically diagnosed in the article.

Some others who featured this article include the ‘Reformed Drudge Report’ himself, Justin Taylor. If it is happening and it matters in evangelicalism then it is probably on Justin’s site. I was pleased to meet Justin at the Desiring God conference, where by the way, he did a great job moderating interviews with the speakers.

The Boars Head Tavern (probably one of the coolest blog titles out there) thought things may be a bit more complicated but essentially agreed. Apologia Christi is a Cowboy fan who weighed in, along with Dwight Warner, and William Turner.

Alex & Brett Harris from Rebelution had some thoughts concerning the issue. I was glad to meet them through this article. I’m diggin their site and thankful for their impact in the young adult circles. I still can’t believe these guys are teenagers. Great stuff.

Justin Garcia sited the How to Live a Miserable Christian Life series and advised his readers to not be miserable!

Dillon Thorton was a bit heated with the ‘reefer sensitive movement‘.

Matthew Tilley appreciates the difficulties and high calling of pastoring as identified in the Any Volunteers? posting.

Apparently Paul Gobel is following the ‘Tricky Ricky‘ discussion in his spare time while defending freedom and liberating the nation of Iraq from terrorists. Paul we appreciate your service to our nation! I’m thankful for the web that allows you to chime in, even from Iraq.

Lazaro has posted some pictures of the Texas victory over Oklahoma (even crying sooner fan / kid). Enjoy it while you can man, next week in Lincoln we’ll see a different story in a shocking Nebraska victory of the ‘Horns (sounding more an more like the myopic Nebraska fan)…anyway, this is more hopeful than anythig else, looking forward to that match-up at any rate.

:: Have a great weekend. Enjoy the supreme privilege of worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ. Proclaim the glories of his cross, the beauties of his person, the terror of his return. Do today what Christians will do for all eternity, enjoy Jesus Christ and all of his mighty splendor.




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13 10 2006

You’re a Husker? Just remember what has happened the last few times my Horns have played Nebraksa with special emphasis on the roadies to Lincoln…

1996- Inaugaral Big 12 Championship Game,
Texas 37 #3 Nebraska 27 (4th and 1 is all that needs to be said, John Mackovic’s shining moment)

1998- Major Applewhite brings them back AT LINCOLN
Texas 20 #7 Nebraska 16 (UT broke a long, long home winning streak)

1999- Last minute TD catch propels Horns
#18 Texas 24 #3 Nebraska 20
So you avenged your previous 3 losses against us in the ’99 Big 12 championship, good job (1-3 isn’t too bad)
#12 Texas 6 #3 Nebraska 22

2002- Nathan Vasher (now with Chi Bears) saves the day at Lincoln
#7 Texas 27 Nebraska 24

2003- Texas out-Nebraskas Nebraska, Vince Young emerging(rushes for 163)
#16 Texas 31 #12 Nebraska 7

So the Huskers are 1-5 against the Horns since the Big 12 formed up, I have a feeling this year won’t be much different… I tell you what though, Nebraska was heavily favored in the inaugural Big 12 Ch. game too, so after that anything can happen… Hook ’em Horns!

13 10 2006

dude i live in Omaha…you have to be a fan or you don’t get water.

i think this year is kinda like the ’02 season, not expecting too much from NU as they are overmatched against Texas at every position accept the mascot, well maybe not…

at least NE is playing with some emotion which seemed to leave with Tom Osborn. Nothing is more frustrating than watching a football team close their collective eyes and squeal for 4 quarters after being hit in the mouth a couple of times (cf. NE v. Colorado in ’01 and then the Miami game, and virtually every other meaningful game that Frank Solich coached…)

nice recap by the way…

and for the record, i’m from new england, having been grafted in to the husker thing the last several years

13 10 2006

ha, you don’t get water? Very Gracious of you not to bring up the fact that the Huskers have more national titles than the Horns, but you Husker fans have a pretty solid rep, which is more than I can say for Sooner and even most A&M fans…

Yeah I realized that college football is better as a whole when Nebraska is good, so I wish you guys well whether or not UT makes it 6 out of 7 in a couple of weeks…

I’ve always wondered how Solich got run out of town after a 9-3 season… Bring back the Triple Option!!!!

16 10 2006
Pastor Steve


How was the conference? Now that I am moving to Lincoln to pastor, I am going to be more interested in promoting some of the conferences/breakfasts to the church. Look forward to seeing you guys at OBC more often and to being around some more hills and trees.

Having lived in Texas & having a wife, who is an aggie, I would say that the Nebraska Football experience is more unique because it is the professional team for many. In houston, people had their Oilers (now Texans). In Dallas, people have their Cowboys. It tempered the college football talk more than it does in Nebraska. With that in mind, I think that it is pretty cool that I can see some games in person now. I thought about inviting Pat to a game in the future. But, Pat has never really cared about football (was that way when we lived together in Lincoln). I might have to look for a BMX race to get him more excited.

17 10 2006

Hey Steve, great news on the church in Lincoln! I am really happy for you and your family. We have been praying for you guys. God is so good!! You’ll have to let me know when & where you find the hills and trees…I’m still looking for them 8^D…take care!

21 10 2006

What a game!!! Another classic in the series, a question you’re bound to ask yourself many times is why didn’t Nunn just fall after picking up the 1st down? I’ll ask myself why the UT kicker cost them 7 points…

it looks like you guys are returning to prominence, sadly without the triple option though…

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