A movie on the book of Esther

6 10 2006


A favorite book in our house for family devotions has been the book of Esther. My wife and four year old daughter just love the descriptions of what the ladies went through relative to their ‘beatification’ (this is not the only reason why they love the book..)

Often times we have said that this would make a great movie. Well, it looks like it is coming out in a week or so. One Night with the King is coming out on October 13. You can watch the trailer here

I’m not sure about the content or how accurate it is but am looking forward to checking it out. If I am up for a royal disappointment let me know.

(HT: between two worlds)




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6 10 2006
Dillon Thornton

Looks interesting. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

6 10 2006

The movie may be great, but the guy who produced this film, Tommy Tenney is so full of heretical teachings that I could not stomach watching this. He came recently to our church in New Orleans to “uplift and encourage” us after Hurricane Katrina. I was appalled that my pastor would have allowed him to speak to the congregation. I read his book, God Chasers, several years ago and dropped my jaw in amazement at his treatment of the word of God. He called it “…the MOLDY pages of what God’s done”. Lest you think I’m taking his comment out of context, please read the book for yourself. He encourages us to seek after the manifest presence of God (picture supernatural/occult happenings like pastors being flung off the stage and rendered lifeless for more than four hours kind of stuff) and not focus so much on the Word!! Also, check out his website. Do a Google search on Tommy Tenney. Check out all the discernment ministries online to see what is said about him and what he preaches. He rarely opened his Bible to preach out of, but was full of humor and anecdotes, which, by themselves are not bad, but in light of what just happened to us, we needed the life changing word of God, not Tommy’s irreverant comedy. Believe me, I was there. I wanted to hear if he had changed his tune any since his book was written. No deal. Do with this what you like, but I’ll have nothing to do with anything he puts out. He’s all about his merchandising and nothing about the true things of the Lord.

20 10 2006
Dillon Thornton

Hey bro,

My wife and I went to see it last night here in B’ham (See my post). I thought it was pretty good. Have you seen it yet???

20 10 2006

i have not seen it yet. we may wait till it hits the dollar theater and make it a family thing. thanks for the review it was helpful. nice fish by the way.

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