Email exchange between Driscoll and Piper

4 10 2006

Since many people have asked about Driscoll and even more seem to be blogging about him I just want to point you to an informative exchange between Mark Driscoll and John Piper that was just published today in response to this past weekend and the subsequent ‘lightening-blog’ that has ensued following Driscoll’s appearance at the annual conference.

Click here for the exchange.

I have been too busy here catching up to write much about the conference but let me say that what Driscoll said neither surprised nor offended me, in fact it edified and encouraged me. Next to Carson’s message I found Driscoll’s talk to be most encouraging. Mark Driscoll is not on the enemy’s team. It might be a good idea for people to remember that he is actually “for Jesus” and not against him. Anyway read the exchange and listen to the messages.




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4 10 2006

Realizing that you may be too far behind to respond … but I’d really respect your take on Driscoll specifically. Is the “reaction” to him just because he’s different or do you get the sense he’s “trying” to be different, and therefore, gets a reaction? To some extent anything different is going to get a reaction (usually negative) regardless of its moral character.

I have to say, not having seen him speak in person (only reading his blog and listening to his sermons from his church web site), I’m at once intrigued and disturbed by him. I’m reconcile what what he is and what he represents with some of the things he says and his “cultural liberality.”

5 10 2006

I think Driscoll is being himself and this is what is causing such a stir. there is no doubt that he says things that i would never say from behind a pulpit but at the same time he says a lot of good things that need to be said and heard by todays evangelical church. he proclaims a big Jesus who is mighty to save and he tirelessly labors to preach him to his city without compromise; this is what i really enjoy about him.

6 10 2006

What a great example of 2 Godly, mature men.

Thanks for sharing this …. well worth the read

18 10 2006
eric s.

I have sat two rows from Mark every Sunday morning for a year as he preaches. And despite what one may think of his sometimes colorful choice of words or clever turn of phrase, I have NEVER found him to be disingenuous. Mark speaks sincerely, frankly and most importantly–with the uncompromised truth of the Scriptures–to Christians and non-Christians alike in an urban culture that often needs a good slap in the face. Seems to me that Jesus drew quite a bit of fire from the religious leaders of his day for the same frankness.

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