Baptism Book Giveaway

31 08 2006

amazon-baptism-image.jpgIf you are a pastor or involved in church ministry, specifically in evangelism and/or baptism, I have a resource that may prove helpful to you.

I have a limited number of a book entitled, The Truth About Water Baptism, to give away.

This book is a great resource for prospective baptism canidates or others who may be coming from a Sacramentalist background and struggling with the concept of New Testament water baptism; we find the book quite useful here in Catholic Omaha.

The Truth About Water Baptism is written by my Senior Pastor, Pat Abendroth, and is free for the asking until the stash is gone.

UPDATE: ok the stash is now gone! Thanks to all who expressed interest and were encoruaged by the book.

If you would like a copy please email me ejraymond AT gmail DOT COM or just leave a comment here. The price of the book is only $3.99. We, along with other churches, have found the book to be a good tool for those preparing for baptism or for those coming from a Sacramentalist background. ::ENJOY::




23 responses

31 08 2006

Very interested in receiving the book.
How do I request one?

31 08 2006
Chip Bugnar

I am a college pastor in Raleigh – can I get a copy?

6339 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh, NC 27612

31 08 2006

I have your email. We’ll be in touch.


31 08 2006
ID Pastor

I would love to get one of the books. I currently use a study that I made for baptism candidates, but am always looking for solid resources on this issue. Where I minister, baptism is often misunderstood due to the large LDS (Mormon) population in the area.

31 08 2006

It seems like a pretty cool book. Could you give some more information? I’m not Catholic or anything, but I am really interested in religion, it’s one of my life passions. I would like a copy but you should definitely give the book to people who work in churches, are Christian, or theology students. I’m a lower priority person… so if there are any extras, let me know.

31 08 2006

That seems interesting. Could you provide more information about the book? I’m not particularly religious. But I find religion fascinating. It’s one of my life passions. Of course, I’m really low priority. The people who are religious, the theology students, those people are definitely ahead of me. But if you have any extras… let me know!

1 09 2006

hi eric,
I’ve been seriously enjoying your blog all the way out here in zimbabwe! (dont know if it’s not too far for you to send a copy of the book) My husband and i work quite a bit with young people. I myself come from an Anglican background and it took me two years to make sense of why i had to get baptised again at 26… i’ve sinced joined a local baptist church but I often come across in our congrgation many who have the same struggles with “crossing over”… hope this all makes sense…

1 09 2006

I would also be interested in getting a copy of this book. I’m also going to be adding your link to my blogroll. đŸ™‚

1 09 2006

njm: it is not too far for me to send, we would be glad to. I’ll contact you via email.

It is encouraging to hear that the site has been beneficial to you.


1 09 2006

Hey bro,

I’m Brandon. I serve at a church here in Omaha also. I’d love to grab a copy. Interesting blog…just stumbled upon it today. Keep up the good work. Maybe shoot me an email??

2 09 2006
Noah D. Lee

Hi, I would like to get a copy of the book. I am a Baptist pastor in Texas. Thank you.

13 09 2006

HI there,

I’m church planting in Ireland, and I could see a copy coming in useful – if there are any left, and the postage isn’t prohibitive, could you send me one, please.


13 09 2006
Dave Davis

Please send me a copy of the book.

My address is 1945 Saint Christopher Way
Arnold MO 63010

Thanks I too was an Irish Catholic!!

My dream or nightmare is to go to Ireland to build up the church there.

so far I haven’t gotten anywhere yet.


19 09 2006

Is it still possible for an Irish Anglican Ordinand to request a copy of your book? Just like Dave and jmark, I long to see the church built up in Ireland and the gospel bearing fruit.

23 09 2006
Dan Johnson

I would like a copy of the book you mentioned, The Truth About Water Baptism Any left? If “Yes!”, please send to: Dan Johnson, 4300 Vicksburg Lane, Plymouth MN 55446

Thanks for your offer and have a blessed day!

1 10 2006
John Maddocks

Good Morning:

I would truly appreciate a copy of this book, The Truth About Water Baptism. If any are left please send one to: 13 Fairglen Ave. Unit 1, Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6X 5E8

Thanks again!


1 10 2006
John Maddocks

PS I serve a small, ethnically diverse church, in Toronto.

3 10 2006

OK guys…we are out of the giveaway… I’m sending them out to John here in toronto and Dan in MN and the stash is gone…

you can always email me for more $3.99 (with bulk discounts) or find them on Amazon.

thanks so much!!

2 11 2006
anne robare

Here is a brief summary of baptism Truths: John’s water baptism was the only one ordained by God, Isa 40:3-5. Six times we read that John baptized with water but Jesus baptizes with God’s Holy Spirit, Mt 3; Mk 1; Lk 3; Jn 1; Ac 1-2; Ac 11. Jesus Christ fulfilled “all righteousness” under the Old Covenant when John baptized Him in the Jordan River, Mt 3; Lk 16:15-17. The TRANSITION from John’s ministry to Jesus’ ministry was described in Mt 4; Mk 1; Jn 3:22-4:3. After this transition there were NO water baptisms until Ac 8; Ac 10-11, the TRANSITION from Judaism to Christianity. Ac 8; Ac 10-11 were water baptisms of Jewish tradition given to Gentiles before the apostles understood that they no longer belonged to Judaism, Mt 23; Ac 11:1-18; Ac 15; Gal 2:11-21. In Ac 11, the apostles learned, “Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto Life!” They never again baptized with water after Ac 11. The only saving baptism is God’s Holy Spirit baptism, Mt 3; Mk 1; Lk 3; Jn 1-7; Ac 1-7; Ac 9; Ac 11-28; Eph 4. The Great Commission was never about physical water; it is about God’s Holy Spirit, clearly explained in Jn 13-17; Jn 20, the detailed Great Commission. The baptism of Jesus Christ is with His LIVING WATER, His NAME—the WORD OF GOD, into His Body of LIVING BREAD, Jn 1-7; Jn 17; Ac 2:21-47; 1Co 10-15; Rev 19:13.

2 11 2006

interesting. i think the book would be helpful for you. my response to you here would be a bit lengthy, $3.99 is not a bad price, in fact if you send me your address i’ll send you one free.

7 11 2006
anne robare

Thanks eric but first let’s see if you have God’s saving Gospel Truth written on your heart and in your mind. What is the lie of 2Th 2 that the “lawless one” uses to deceive? Please, back up your answer with Scripture to support your answer. Thanks.

7 11 2006

you can read what i believe about how someone receives the grace of God in Christ here…it also may be helpful for you to read some of the posts and discussions on this site.

8 11 2006
anne robare

Thanks again erik but it seems to me that you think i have a problem when i don’t. Not one person can understand God’s Grace as God defines His Grace until we are first credited with His Righteousness as Abraham was, Ro 1:16-21; Ro 4. When people ignore and reject what sinless Jesus Christ said and did for us in Mt 3, do you think God will credit them with His Righteousness?

In Jn 8, Jesus Christ said if we hold to His Teaching, we will know the Truth and we will be set free. I have held onto His Teaching and i know what the lie of 2Th 2 is. In fact, every mature true Christian should know what that lie is. What is the lie of 2Th 2?

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