100 Posts…man time flies

29 08 2006


Somewhere in the middle of the How to Live a Miserable Christian Life series this blog hit its 100th post. This number has been a bit of a road marker for me. I had wondered if I would keep things going or not and the hundredth post seemed like a good place to measure things.

Many of the regular readers of this site have asked how the site got started. It is kind of a funny story. Back in March (’06) I subscribed to some RSS feeds through Bloglines and then subscribed to some more and then some more. And then tried to get a pulse on what is being written in the Christian blogosphere.

When I signed up with Bloglines they gave me a blog. I wasn’t down with their stuff so I looked around and thought WordPress was pretty innovative. After reading a lot of blogs and not finding very much in the way of devotional writings out there I began writing some things that flowed out of my daily journaling from my devotions and meditations and publishing them on this site.

Around the same time I found myself doing a lot of meetings with guys in Starbucks or Caribou or somewhere similar and drawing upon something that I had read in my devotions or studied. It seemed that God was pleased to encourage these men with our meetings so I figured I’d try to broaden the impact. I have been humbled to consider that God has used this site to help some of his children’s hearts to become more impressed with the Savior. So I was encouraged and kept plugging away.

Blogging is an interesting thing, there is such variety. Some Christian bloggers give you news, some links to other places, some current Christian events, some book reviews, some doctrine, and so forth. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes and many are really good. My main point here has been to try to encourage folks to love Jesus more. Sometimes this is pointing out something that is contrary to the gospel and its Savior, but more often than not this blog is concentrated upon the Lord Jesus, his wonderful crosswork and how he bears fruit in the lives of his sheep.

I’ve have decided to keep on going with IrishCalvinist.com. I know it edifies me to discipline myself to think, meditate and write. I did not anticipate the readership of this site to grow like it has. Hopefully the Lord continues to use the site to draw attention to Jesus. It is my prayer that as truth is written about Christ, his saints’ hearts would burn like they did on the way to Emmaus (Luke 24.32).

I have greatly enjoyed meeting many new friends from other sites who visit. It is good to hear back from others relative to their thoughts and struggles with particular things. Also, I have had to begin moderating all comments as some folks just seem to have a problem with a few of the things I write. I’m sure their problems are with me personally rather than the God of the Bible. So relative to comments, thank you for your patience, I just want to ensure that we maintain a course of edification.

So to those of you who read regularly: thank you! I really appreciate your encouragement, but more than that I appreciate the grace of God in so many lives, knowing that God moves hearts to enjoy biblical discussions. It is only the regenerate heart that mediates with sincere and supreme affections upon the cross of the Savior.

Come Lord Jesus <Revelation 22.20>





2 responses

29 08 2006

PTL for your willingness to continue your Blog-quest! I enjoy your site and appreciate the “iron sharpening” that it causes. And I agree with your comments about how it presses you to meditate and ponder more deeply the things of the Lord. Keep publishing brother!

29 08 2006
Johnnie Burgess

I have only seen your blog for a few days. Keep up the good work. My blog just hit 100th post last week.

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