Gmail invites

28 08 2006

If you do not have a Gmail account and would like one let me know. I have a stack of unopened Gmail invites…first come first serve. I know that some folks have had difficulty getting signed up since it is an invite only system.

Just trying to be a full service blogger.





19 responses

28 08 2006
allan van der hijde

appreciate getting your invite to join gmail, if still available…thanks

28 08 2006

hi please invite to join gmail…….thanks

28 08 2006
h. ansari

Dear Sir,

I am from India want gmail account.

Thanking you

28 08 2006
David Carr

I would like an invite? thank you.

8 09 2006
I Abakaar

I need a gmail invite. Thanx

17 09 2006

I would like an invitation thank you.

18 09 2006

i would like to an invitation please, thanks

19 09 2006

I would greatly appreciate an invite,

Thanks in advance

22 09 2006

Gmail invite would be fab! Thanks, Jeremy

22 09 2006

Would very muck like an invite if you still have one avaiable. Thank you very much

22 09 2006

Hi Erik, gmail invite would be brill! Thanks, Jo x

22 09 2006

Gmail invite, yes please!! Would be really nice if you would, I would be forever greatful… Thanks

22 09 2006

Wow Gmail invite yes please Erik!

22 09 2006

Hi Erik, Gmail intive would be very much appreciated! Heres hoping and wishing and praying… Oliver

22 09 2006

Hi Erik, hope you still have some invites available would love to have one if possible. Thanks, Mark

23 09 2006

An invite sure would be appreciated if you have any left. Many thanks.

24 09 2006

Hi there. Can any one send me Gmail invitation to Thanks

25 09 2006

Hi Erik,

Probably to late but i would love a gmail invite if you have any left..

Many thanks


26 09 2006

Hi Erik,

Would love an invite if you have any left. Really hard to get in Europe as the SMS thing’s not operational here.

Many thanks,


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