particular encouragement from particular grace

27 08 2006

and the grace of our Lord was more than abundant, with the faith and love which are found in Christ Jesus. (1 Tim. 1.14)

This morning in preparing to go to worship with my family I was struck by the divine influence that was exerted to make worshippers. Specifically, I was struck with the reality that the fickle crowd that worshipped Jesus in pretense as he approached Jerusalem only to find no need for him and request his death a few hours later.

We are these fickle folks are we not? Left onto ourselves, devoid of saving grace, we are esteeming Jesus as smitten, unsightly and unworthy of our worship.

However, God, in his infinite and beautiful grace has poured out particular grace to his enemies to make worshippers! This is glorious. Left unto ourselves we judge Jesus as an inconvenience and a bother. But lavished by grace we see Jesus as the prince of heaven, the only one with the words of eternal life, the glorious and only redeemer of mankind, the heaven sent Savior who alone can and would satisfy divine wrath.

Take some time today to thank God for his grace. For consider how you would view Jesus if it was not savingly applied.





4 responses

27 08 2006
Johnnie Burgess

Very well said. If left up to us we would never seek God.

28 08 2006

Johnnie, thanks for coming by. I agree (Rom. 3.10ff).

It is so encouraging to know that the only seeker of God is God, and so then he is seeking true worshippers (Jn.4.24), if this was not true we would not be worshipping. This is encouraging because I know if I am worshipping and enjoying God it has been wrought by him. What a deflation of religious pride.


28 08 2006
Johnnie Burgess

Man does not realize that pride is same as the pride that brought Satan down.

28 08 2006

Absolutely. I was just listening to a sermon today and the preacher rightly said, “there was one will prior to Satan’s pride, then there was two.”

Pride really is the deification of man and the dethroning of God. How grotesque…but yet how commonly dismissed too…regrettable.

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