The conversation of Jesus

24 08 2006

What did Jesus talk about following his resurrection?

I find it compelling and convicting that the prevailing topic of his conversation was his coming kingdom. We read in the first chapter of Acts that during the 40 days following his resurrection Jesus was “speaking of the things concerning the kingdom of God”.

Jesus, having just been raised from the dead gave “many convincing proofs” (Acts 1.3) and continually spoke of the kingdom. Now we of course do not know everything that he spoke of but we do know this, the Holy Spirit wants you and I to know that kingdom talk was characteristic of Jesus’ conversation.

How about you? Think about the last 40 days. How much have you talked about the kingdom? How much do you think about the kingdom? Do you anticipate it? Do you long for it? Can you really pray like Jesus instructs his followers to: “Your kingdom come..” (Matt. 6.10).

This is convicting to me because I find myself not as Christ-centered as Jesus.

If you are like me, once you accomplish something you feel like taking break. This seems to be especially true with ministry. You plan for various ministries or you study hard and then deliver and you, for some reason, feel like you earned a break and should shut it down for a bit.

Can you identify?

But consider Jesus. He just accomplished the pinnacle event of his ministry and the highlight of redemptive history through his sacrificial death upon Calvary’s wood in the place of enemies, even willingly enduring and satisfying completely all of divine wrath (he is the only one who could ever and has ever done this!!) and then he dies and gloriously is raised from the dead. And so what does he do? He doesn’t miss a beat. He just keeps on speaking about what he spoke about during his earthly ministry, namely, the kingdom of God.

I am so thankful for the gracious divine calibration of my heart with the sacred truth. It is so convicting to see Jesus and hear Jesus and see myself and hear myself. I need to be more like the one I love.

I know this does not come from just injecting Jesus into my conversations with some type of Christian conditioning, but rather I must inject Jesus into my heart, my affections, that my soul will continually value his exaltation and then my mouth will speak of that which draws the most attention to him. I will then glory in the cross and long for the kingdom.

We will speak of the exaltation of Jesus when we love the exaltation of Jesus.





One response

24 08 2006

What a salient point! Oh, the human mind, always thinking we deserve something for doing something. Breaks for the body are required physically, but this doesn’t mean the mind should shut down in the meantime nor should our mouths stop speaking the truths of Christ. I have never found my mouth so exhausted I couldn’t move it to consume some more ice cream. How about moving it for the gospel more and dropping a few lbs at the same time. Thanks Erik.

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