Spurgeon on Gospel carving

23 08 2006

Phil Johnson posted a great read from Theodore Ledyard Cuyler (1902) detailing some first hand interaction with Charles Spurgeon. If you are a Spurgeon fan you will enjoy the article.

Here is a pregnant quote that is so good I had to share it…

“Some modern divines whittle away the Gospel to the small end of nothing; they make our Divine Lord to be a sort of blessed nobody; they bring down salvation to mere possibility; they make certainties into probabilities and treat verities as mere opinions. When you see a preacher making the Gospel smaller by degrees, and miserably less, till there is not enough of it left to make soup for a sick grasshopper, get you gone with him! As for me, I believe in an infinite God, an infinite atonement, infinite love and mercy, an everlasting covenant, ordered in all things, and sure, and of which the substance and reality is an Infinite Christ.”

Two thoughts:

1) Who would even think of giving soup to a grasshopper?

2) I don’t think Spurgeon here (infinite atonement reference) is announcing that he is a universalist (i.e. that Christ died for and satisfied divine wrath for all people) but rather that the value of the atonement is infinite, so as to give certain and infinite praise to Christ.





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