Some Fruit from Family Devotions

22 08 2006

imag.jpgThis past weekend was my oldest son Bryce’s 11th birthday. He scored an iPod shuffle and was pretty excited.

Of course his younger brother Luke (7) managed to pry it from him during a visit to the local Hollywood Video store. When we were inside picking out the movie Luke gave us all (as in everyone in the place) a memory not soon forgotten.

Bryce’s buddy picked out a movie that he wanted to see. Luke grabbed the movie to check it out for himself.

Now you must remember that he is still enjoying the iPod at this point so his hearing is not the best and as a result his voice is a bit elevated.

So Luke grabs the movie and yells, literally, “That is the immoral woman!!”

“We are not watching this….look at her, she is immoral!!”

Every head in the place instantly turned to look in our direction. Only they did not see the little 42” amplifier but instead his Dad, who’s head conveniently stuck out above the racks.

What can you do?

I just laughed my head off. Luke of course has no idea. His brother and his friends are shushing him but he doesn’t get it…he is just going on about how this teenage girl is dressed inappropriately.

I thought later about the study we did as a family in Proverbs about three years ago. It has made quite the impact on Luke. For this I am quite thankful. We may have to dial him down a bit though.





3 responses

22 08 2006
Travis Carden

Ha! That is awesome! 😛

22 08 2006

You gotta give it up to Lukey!!! I think he would be perfect for roadside evangelism…w/headphones of course.

22 08 2006

That is so cool. What a great opportunity to evangelize that most of us would never take because we are too “civilized.” Oh how I wish I weren’t so “civilized” sometimes, maybe my evangelism would be more bold. I suppose I could learn a lot from a 7 year old who doesn’t even recognize what is going on!
Erik, praise God that you have used the Scriptures to show Luke what sin can show itself as, and that your son can recognize it!

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