Prayerlessness…our truce with the world

20 08 2006

I was struck recently in a sermon by John MacArthur where he said that “The day you stop praying you sign a peace treaty with the world!”

MacArthur meant that we as Christians should be wholly discontent with the current state of the union here. This sin stained world and its values are contra-Christian and opposed to the administration of heaven. This is why Jesus tells his followers to pray for his “kingdom to come” and for the divine will to be done “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6).

The depravity of the world is to birth much discontentment in our lives and to long for what is right and good. Just think of the horrific actions that are highlighted on the nightly news. We hear of everything from murder, to rape, to kidnappings, to theft, to corruption, the list is endless. So what is our reaction? How did you react when you heard again of this situation with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey? Upon the authorities capturing this man, John Mark Karr in Thailand, were you not disgusted to reread of the horrific things that happened to this little six-year-old girl?

Well what is the Christian’s response? Do we just say, “That’s what happens in a fallen world!”

While this is true it falls far short from what it is supposed to drive us to do. This horror is to make us swallow hard, be grieved, and pray with a whole heart, “Your kingdom come!!” Lord it is time now Lord, come and rule and reign in righteousness!! Put an end to the this!! Lord Jesus this is an attack on you and your glory, O’ righteous king come and bring justice, exert your will upon the earth that it would be done as it is in heaven!”

If you are thinking that you have been lulled into a bit of a spiritual trance and have become less and less affected by the sin and horror in the world, then resolve today to respond with a Christ-centered response, using these opportunities to express to the Father your desire to see him break through the heavens and insert his king upon Mt. Zion that he would reign in righteousness and receive the praise that is due his name.

O’ for this day to come soon! Until then let us not sign a truce with the world through prayerlessness. We as Christians believe that prayer works, that God is pleased to hear our prayers as offered in and through the blood of Jesus.





2 responses

24 08 2006

thanxs for all the wonderful encouragment!!!!Keep it up you are rolling!!!!

What made you decide to change your hair color?

24 08 2006

encouraging. thank you.

re: hair> my wife likes it. 8^D


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