Clown-led Worship…that makes sense!

18 08 2006




These pictures showed up in my in box yesterday thanks to a couple of twisted friends. Providentially, it became an edifying email.


Because it motivates me to study, practice and teach (like Ezra–7.10). It motivates me to invest time in people that they might be impressed with Jesus and not tolerate clown shoes in a pulpit, fried dough in a communion tray, or a circus in the blood bought church of the Savior.

This type of display only makes sense when God is emasculated; having been stripped of his holiness, justice, knowledge, power, and goodness only to be carved into a caricature of himself complete with a squeaky nose and irritating mannerisms. They are merely reflecting the god they have carved. Their god is a joke so they can worship him in clown clothes. This is sad.

If God has impotent and lacks authority then why worship him, why fear him, why submit to him? Why not mock him? This only makes sense.

So friends in Jesus, know that if not for the grace of God so affecting your own heart, you would be going to this church-circus…or worse, you could be leading it!





2 responses

22 08 2006

Truly amazing…. truly sad.

12 09 2006

I am speechless…

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