Biblical Perspective on Alcohol (resource)

24 07 2006

In light of all of the discussion surrounding alcohol and the Bible I wanted to make some resources available. Included here is a helpful series done by my Senior Pastor Patrick Abendroth of Omaha Bible Church during a sermon series last July.

This is a thoughtful and distinctly biblical study as we as chruch worked through the issues. Pat deals with topics ranging from wine in the Old Testament, at the time of Jesus and for usage in the church for communion. Additionally Pat deals with the issue of the ‘weaker brother’ in accordance with Romans 14-15.

Enjoy this helpful resource!! And if you want to argue, email Pat…just kidding! I’ll put on the headgear and take the lumps…

wine-or-welchs-album.jpgWine or Welch’s Part 1

<Listen> <Download>

Wine or Welch’s Part 2

<Listen> <Download>

Relating to the Spiritually Weak

<Listen> <Download>




One response

15 10 2006
Claudia Garcia

i would like to find out more about Joel Olstein or a last name something like that . he wrote the book “Live your best life now” what’s he all about ? Getting as many riches and possessions as you can possibly hoard or what? please let me know where i can go since i have seen this book at my neighbor’s house and if she approaches me on it i would like to know where his faith really is as it reflects his books and popularity.

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