Kids are Funny

21 07 2006

Last night my 7 year old son Luke informed me that he ‘traded’ 2 single dollars with his friend for a 2 dollar bill.

Luke was impressed with the different artwork and stuff and then asked me who’s face is on the bill. To which I said, “I don’t know.”

Without flinching and with all sincerity Luke said, “Dad, its George Lucas.”

The funny thing is that if it were up to him the guy who invented lite sabers would get a lot more love than he does. Hollywood has invaded my 7 year old…maybe we should homeschool…oh, wait we already do.




3 responses

21 07 2006
Travis Carden

George Lucas. That’s awesome. 😛

21 07 2006

I think Luke should have a blog. The kid is hilarious…on an uncomfortably frequent basis too I might add.

21 07 2006

Homeschoolers rock!! We’ve been doing it for years. Well….mostly my wife, with my support. Blogging could be a great homeschool project.

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