The Fruit of Preaching

21 06 2006


This past weekend we moved into a new church building. God has seen fit to grow Omaha Bible Church through various stages, in which we met in homes, high schools, community centers and most recently a former K-Mart. During our recent move we had hundreds of folks working tirelessly in coordinating and accomplishing the transfer of the ‘stuff’ from the old church building to the new. It was so encouraging to consider that every drop of sweat and every box that was packed was initiated by God’s goodness and brought about through the faithful exposition of the word of God.

As Ephesians 4 tells us pastor-teachers are to edify, or build up believers for the work of service. The means by which this is done is the preaching and teaching of the word. We are motivated to serve because of the intentional presentation of the truth of Scripture as applied to the affections by the Holy Spirit. We serve because we want to be more like our Master, who defines true greatness as wearing the apron of humility (Mark 10.43-45; cf. also 1 Pet. 5.5).

I love the preaching of the word, not the preaching about the word, or the preaching around the word…but the faithful exposition and unpacking of the divine syllables. To faithfully hold forth the words of God to the children of God is to endeavor to make them more like the Son of God. What a glorious privilege it is to sit under the preached word to have it spoken by one who has studied what God has himself spoken! When these words of God are preached believers begin to look more like Christ.

Join me in thankfulness to God for the privilege of having our hearts affected to love and serve Christ more through the medium of preaching. Keep your eyes peeled for fruit and rejoice in God’s goodness and wisdom.




One response

22 06 2006

How sweet is the fruit of service! How precious is the toil of co-laborers joined together for the furtherance of the Gospel. Now we have a ripe field before us and we must go forth and harvest. I’m all jazzed up in anticipation of the LOUD WORSHIP that will carry forth day in and day out at our new location! Jehovah-Jireh! God will provide!

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