Shakespeare is No Monkey Business

29 05 2006


Perhaps you have heard the evolutionary theory that given an infinite number of monkeys and appropriate time monkeys would produce the works of Shakespeare. A bizarre (and quite humorous) experiment by a group of students has found that quite the opposite is true…

“What a peice of work is man!” –From Hamlet (II, ii, 115-117)




3 responses

29 05 2006
Travis Carden

Hahaha. I wondered if this would make it here! 😉

30 05 2006

I love the article. The bit on their unexplained affinity for the “S” key is great.

28 09 2006

Exactly how is the hypothesis supposed to be flawed? This involved a finite, and small, number of monkeys and one computer, for a very limited period of time.

To me it looks exactly as if it should look were the hypthesis accurate.

Of course, this is no “evolutionary theory” being practiced by the monkeys. It’s an analogy on what appear to be random actions. To that end, of course, the monkeys’ preference for “S” shows randomness isn’t in the design.

Also, that’s an ape you have in the picture, not a monkey. It may be an ape of our genus, but in any case, it’s one that is extremely closely related to you. That would explain the jaundiced eye he’s giving you as you snap the photo.

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