Ice, Ice, ….maybe?

6 04 2006

winter_SFW.jpgAccording to professor Doron Nof there is a real possibility that Jesus did not walk on the water of the Sea of Galilee, as recorded in Matthew 14, but instead that he walked on a floating piece of ice.

Nof, who is a professor of oceanography at Florida State University, apparently has observed a high probability that there could have been ice formations on the body of water that hosted Christ’s amazing miracle.

Part of Nof’s hypothesis rests on the probability that this potential piece of floating ice would have been nearly impossible for distant observers to see.

Are you kidding me?

Do these people ever grow weary of these silly theories?

Can you just picture the Son of God finding a sturdy piece of ice and then rowing his way across the sea of Galilee en route to his weary disciples?


…and then to call the Apostle Peter out onto an apparently less sturdy piece of ice, only to support him momentarily and then give way??



What about the waves that Matthew happens to mention?

I can remember as a youth playing an morning game of hockey on a lake and then turning around only to do a little surfing in the afternoon. Doesn’t everyone?

The disciples didn’t say, “Hey, we thought it was a ghost paddling across the sea on his iceberg….” Instead they were freaked out of their minds because there was someone out in the middle of the Sea of Galilee without a boat!

I would assume that this type of reasoning would render Nof and his peers as incredulous, however, it is just the opposite, he is applauded.

This just serves to affirm the biblical doctrine of depravity and underscore the Christian’s need to fall on his face and worship the Christ who walked on the sea.

For if it was not for his grace, efficacious grace, in our lives, we would be spending our time trying to deflate Christ of his deity and make him an ice-skater as well.

In conclusion, Nof mentions that when he tried to disprove Moses’ parting of the Red Sea he received death threats.

This is absurd!

What a clarion call to Christians to study theology. This guy is acting like an unbeliever…what do you think a depraved man is going to do? He is not going to start a Christian blog to defend and promote the glory of Christ!! C’mon!

We as believers need to receive this providentially placed occasion to be reminded of the work of God in our own lives and to beseech the same God to work in the lives of folks such as Professor Nof.  




3 responses

6 04 2006

I’ve read in one of Nof’s commentaries that a big reason Peter left the fishing business and followed Jesus was his weariness of fishing in lazy summer afternoons on the Galilean Sea only to be rammed by a misguided iceberg.

6 04 2006

dude that’s hilarious…=-D

so you’re saying that Pete wasn’t an ice fisher?

those icebergs do a number on the boats. Did the commentary give any insight on the price of cedar in Lebanon? That might have also, though indirectly, contributed to his professional exit as well…

6 04 2006
Eric with a "c"

“In conclusion, Nof mentions that when he tried to disprove Moses’ parting of the Red Sea he received death threats.”

Nof might want to look at what happened to the original scoffers of God’s parting of the Sea. They received a similar reaction–all except for the part about threats. (Exodus 15:4).

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