God is an Exclusivist! part 1

22 03 2006

It is popular in our culture to snicker and dismiss claims of exclusivity as arrogant. This reaction only intensified when we speak in terms of religious exclusivity. For as many have said, such thinking is dangerous, arrogant, narrow-minded and bigoted. The opponents of exclusivity understand exactly what is at stake; exclusivity draws lines and in so doing it alienates itself from opposition.

The goal of this pluralistic worldview is ostensibly noble, as it seeks to include more in their philosophical “net”. However, in their ostensibly noble thinking they themselves are unwittingly guilty of the same exclusive worldview, they just affirm more people and step on less toes.

Can the Christian message have it’s lines blurred?

Can there be salvation without faith in the finished work of Son of God?

Can one be saved without having their pride shred by the humbling message of inadequacy as preached by Jesus’ substitutionary death for sinners?

The exclusivity of the Christian gospel will be my focus in the upcoming posts.

Jude 3.




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