Remember Jesus Christ

15 03 2006

2 Timothy 2:8 8 Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, descendant of David, according to my gospel,

The Lord Jesus Christ is too often forgotten by His creation, as we are amused and distracted by the shimmer of this world. The Scripture commands the follower of Jesus Christ to remember, to keep remembering the Savior; to tattoo the glorious King upon our minds that we might reflect upon and rejoice in him.

Specifically remember his life; that he, being himself God, with no obligation came and put on human flesh to perfectly bear the demands of the Law of God. These demands were too much for us, as we, his creation, found ourselves defaming the glory of God at every turn. But Jesus Christ, the eternal God, put on flesh to save sinners.

Remember also that Jesus rose from the dead. This assumes of course that he died. O’ the dread of this reality!! Never has a greater act of injustice occurred than to crucify and murder the innocent Son of God! Mockers may say what they will about Christians, but the Savior is without fault! But, He in love, died.

Death could not hold the prince of glory though. For Jesus Christ was raised by the power of God and declared the Son of God with Power! (Romans 1.4) The resurrection of Jesus Christ declares that God has accepted His sacrifice and that he will indeed judge those who reject him (Acts 17.30-31).

The Jesus of Nazareth is the Jesus of the Gospel. He is the promised King, the descendent of David, the hope for Israel and the world. He is altogether beautiful to the broken spirit. Therefore, in effort to lasso the Christian’s resolve, we see the apostle exhort the believer to “remember Jesus Christ”. What a blessed charge! Is there not a more joyous gaze for the Christian than to stare in gracious befuddlement upon the Savior? For it was Jesus and Jesus alone who was born for sinners, lived for sinners, died for sinners, and was raised for sinners.




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